Weight Loss Program & GLP-1 Weight Loss Program Options

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Achieve your weight loss goals with GLP-1 injectable medications.

GLP-1 injectables a medication used for weight loss and a key component in many successful weight loss plans.

GLP-1 Weight Loss Program

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Dose of 2.5mg-5mg



Dose of 7.5mg-10mg



Dose for 12mg-15mg

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for 3 months
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for 3 months
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Maintenance Dose



Weight Loss

Customized weight-loss program for individuals in Las Vegas and Henderson who are struggling with weight issues.

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Our Comprehensive Weight Loss Program is Available to All Patients. The program is guided by our Provider and a Certified Personal Trainer!

Overweight and obese people account for almost half of all Americans. Today’s hectic schedules make it difficult to plan nutritious meals and exercise on a regular basis, but carrying extra weight has a significant impact on one’s health and general well-being. Losing weight isn’t simple, but adopting healthy habits that aid weight reduction can make a significant impact on your health. In a primary care setting, a physician-directed weight loss program can be beneficial for overweight individuals.

About Our Program

This weight loss program is overseen by a team of providers and weight loss professionals. The first step to weight loss, which is always a medical evaluation, ensures that the weight problems being experienced are indeed caused by excessive caloric intake and a sedentary lifestyle. Once a weight problem has been identified, a weight reduction regimen can be implemented.

Our 8-week or 12-week program will help you reduce weight and inches. Your weight-loss program should not only include diet and exercise. Your weight-loss strategy at Health Xpress Medical Center might include nutrition, exercise, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, dietary supplements, and more. We assess your metabolism and body composition in order to design a weight reduction strategy that works best for you.

Lose Pounds
& Inches

With our 8 Week or 12 Week Program.

$200 per appointment (monthly appointments and weigh-ins)

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may include:

Weigh In During your Visit

At the beginning and end of each weight loss program visit, weight and inches will be assessed. Assessments are usually done every 30 days during your weight-loss journey with Health Xpress Medical Center weight loss program.

Food guide & Exercise plans customized
by our provider and personal trainer.

Healthy weight loss goals are created by taking into consideration your weight, sex, age, activity level, and weight-related health issues.

Supplemental injections (Vitamin B12)

Are available as an option in our weight-loss program to assist with dietary supplementation. Vitamin B12 injections help aid in weight loss by increasing energy levels, inhibiting weight gain, and increasing weight loss.

Meeting with a provider each visit

to discuss progress, struggles, goals, and needs. Continues care and resources to help you reach your goals with our with loss program.

And much more!

If weight-related health issues are identified during the weight loss program, they will be discussed with you in detail by your weight loss program provider.

BMI Check

Body Mass Index (BMI) weight is calculated by weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. Your weight loss program provider will determine your BMI to evaluate the risk of weight-related diseases and health issues and to monitor changes in BMI during the weight loss program.

Weight loss medication

Such as Phentermine can be used as a prescribed medicine to assist with weight reduction and appetite control. Phentermine weight loss pill is a weight loss medication, approved by the FDA for short-term weight management. Phentermine weight loss pills are safe and effective when used correctly. The weight loss medication weight management program at Health Xpress Medical Center can help overweight individuals lose weight safely with the help of medication. GLP-1 injectable is also a medication given once a week to help with weight loss by making you feel less hungry so that your appetite is reduced and the amount of food eaten decreases. When you meet with one of our providers, we’ll help guide your decision on which medication is best for YOU!

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The weight-loss program at Health Xpress Medical Center offers a comprehensive weight-loss approach for individuals in Las Vegas and Henderson who are struggling with weight issues. Our weight-loss program includes everything you need to jumpstart your weight loss journey.
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